WSIS workshop - Digital voluntary commitment agreement

Le 30/03/2021 - 14h00 - Organisé par European Champion Alliance

Coorganisé par Institut G9+

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Mobilise all stakeholders towards a sustainable digital future

Further to the publication by the French Institut G9+ of the book Tech it Green (Transformation numérique et transition écologique : construire la double révolution du 21e siècle), the European Champions Alliance is supporting the international roll out of its key proposal: the Digital voluntary commitment agreement.

After a short presentation of European Champions Alliance and its Greentech focus group, the Digital voluntary commitment agreement principles will be outlined taking in accounts lesson learnt from previous conventions.

We will then consult the delegates to get their feed back, share their experience of similar approach...

The objective of this workshop is to ensure the success of the mobilisation of all stakeholders to ensure that information technologies contributes to UN Sustainable Development Goals promoted by WSIS and to initiate the first rool out of the Digital voluntary commitment agreement accross the world.

The Institut G9+  is an French association created in 1995 which brings together 50,000 digital professionals. We organize around 30 debates per year that shed light on the digital transformation of our businesses and our economy.

The European-Champions Alliance is a non-profit association that creates an ecosystem of young companies, SMEs, companies and industrial experts who are committed to European technologies and values.


  • Cécile Garcia Le Goff, Green tech Focus groupe leader, European Champions Alliance - Germany
  • Isabelle Albert Author of the book Tech it Green, Institut G9+ - La Réunion
  • Didier Carré, Président, Institut G9+ - France


Référence : G9plus-956

Programme de la manifestation

Contact : Didier CARRE


Free online workshop organised within the 2021 session of the World Summit of Internet Society organised by the UN agency, International Telecom Union