Workshop: Where does the European Cybersecurity industry stand?"

Le 08/06/2022 - 11h00 - Organisé par European Champion Alliance

Small speaker workshop fic


International Cybersecurity Forum / FIC is one of the most important Cybersecurity events in France and Europe. It gathers more than one hundred exhibitors and some 10-15 000 visitors. The many attendees are Cybersecurity vendors and service companies, institutional stakeholders, CISOs, and other IT managers.

2022’s session will also see players from other European countries, such as the Netherlands and Switzerland, and a Canadian Pavilion.

The ECA will contribute to making this event even more European, by inviting members and friend companies. Our objective is to make it the moment where European Cybersecurity stakeholders sit together and collectively design their future. This is the context where no doubt Cybersecurity is a part of our European resilience and autonomic strategy.

We will organize a workshop on June 8, 11h-13h, on this theme: “Where does the European Cybersecurity industry stand? How do we meet the new challenges brought by the international situation, with Cyber-attacks being now also an element of warfare?”

Room: Salle Hainaut

We will also have a common visit to the exhibition, to allow Cyber players to better know each other and share views.


  • Andrea Vaugan, Secretary-General at the European Champions Alliance
  • Dominique Tessier, Focus Group Leader Cybersecurity at the European Champions Alliance
  • Ingrid Söllner, Chief Marketing Officer at Tehtris 
  • Joep Gommers, Founder & CEO at Eclectic IQ
  • Luc D'Urso, Founder & CEO of Atempo
  • Eric Singer, VP International CESIN at Schneider Electric 
  • Mathieu Bailly, Head of Space Affairs at CSYEC
  • Fabien Garnier, Head of the Cyber Commons and CSR Studio at Campus Cyber


Référence : G9plus-1050

Programme de la manifestation

Contact : Bjarne Möller