European Cybersecurity: Protecting industrial systems and the IoT

Le 23/11/2021 - 17h00 - Organisé par European Champion Alliance


The Cybersecurity Webinar-Series

As the European Cybersecurity Campaign of the ECA ramps up we are organizing a series of Webinars, open to CISOs of companies established in Europe, as well as to project leaders with a background in cybersecurity and European cyber-suppliers. 🤝


Protection of industrial systems and security of IoT

In our first webinar, we will discuss how finding good ways to set up such protection is a prerequisite for the development and efficiency of the smart industry. If the systems that the smart industry relies on are not properly secured against cyber attacks, the consequences will soon be devastating.

We focus on content and functional and technological vision in our webinars, not hard selling. We want to create a place where high-level exchanges between partners can take place.

About Us

The European Champions Alliance is a for-impact association created in February 2020. We are building an ecosystem of start-ups, scale-ups, SMEs, corporates, and industry experts committed to European Tech and values. The Alliance leverages its European network by sharing market knowledge and activating joint business opportunities between the members to support the growth of European Champions! 🌐

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