European Champions Alliance - specificity of startup governance vs other companies

Le 11/02/2021 - 17h30 - Organisé par European Champion Alliance

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Webinar with Patrick Trinkler the CEO of CYSEC SA and François Paulus Co-founder & Managing Partner at Breega on the occasion of the launch of the "Early Stage Governance - an effective lever for the development of start-ups" guide, available for download on the European Champions Alliance website.

We'll hear from the entrepreneur and venture capital perspective how formal governance is before investors come in, if you have a say on the board members and what to expect from them, namely from independent board members.

Click here to download the ECA early stage governance guide

The European Champions Alliance is a non-for-profit association co-funded by the Institut G9+ in February 2020 that builds an ecosystem of start-ups, scale-ups, SMEs, corporates and industry experts committed to European Tech and values. The Alliance leverages its European network by sharing market knowledge and activating joint business opportunities between the members to support the growth of European Champions. We do this in several focus groups, for example Cybersecurity, Smart Industry, Mobility, Innovation & Governance and now also Space Tech.

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This webinar will present the new Early Stage Governance guide (I) and we’ll have the privilege of listening to testimonials from an entrepreneur and a venture capital investor (II).

I. Present the new Early Stage Governance - an effective lever for success

  • The cycle of a startup, pre-money governance and living with an investor
  • Initial understanding between the founders as a key point
  • The importance of finding the right balance between mentoring and control
  • Benefits of having independent board members

II. Furthermore we’ll have the perspectives of our guests who will share their experience from different angles.


  • Patrick Trinkler the CEO of CYSEC SA
  • François Paulus Co-founder & Managing Partner at Breega


  • Jean-Christophe Barth, Supervisory Board Member & cofounder of the ECA


Référence : G9plus-927

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Contact : Jean-Christophe Barth


Free webinar - mandatory registration